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Elsza and Kierra


Riding with RHE, my daughter has not only become a strong athlete, but also a brave self confident person.


Delanee has created a special place for her riders to focus on what really matters; they care about themselves, each other and of course all of the amazing horses! - Jennifer


Jude and Moose


One thing for certain is Delanee cares deeply, not only for her riders, but also the horses in her program.


She always finds what’s best for both. She teaches her students to support each other, to be stewards of their equine partners and to be strong, solid and safe equestrians. - Lorna


Madeline and Chinook


As a parent, I appreciate Delanee's focus on the fundamentals. Madeline has learned so much about herself, riding and groundwork. Delanee's instruction style is simple, logical and progressive.

 - Melissa

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